Complimenting Dark Red Deluxe Mini and Kilt

Price: $800.00
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(1)  Deluxe mini.  Dark red main panels.  Black adjustment panels.  Black straps.  Brass fittings. (normally $350)
individual listing :

Deluxe mini’s waistband adjusts from 33″ to 49″, and has a bit more length and pleating in the back than our standard minis.
*Alterable*:  I can change the waistband to fit either 30″-45″ (free), or 27″-42″ ($10 modification charge, or free if i know this is the size you want before I start construction)

(2)  Black deertan cowhide kill’t.  Dark red adjustment panels.  Black straps. Gilt rivets. Brass fittings. (Normally $450)
individual listing :

Standard waistband for mini, kill’t, and skirt adjusts from 27″ to 44″.

(3)  Black deetan cowhide and dark red pouch.  Brass fittings.  Secure snap-able.  (Normally $85)

(4)  Red and black suspenders.   Brass fittings.  (normally $75)

This make of suspender requires six buttons be sewn to the waistband of your pants, or riveted to your tool or gun belt.  I can make a “clip-on” variant for an additional $10.  E-mail, or call for details.

Get them all as a bundle, and we’ll call it $800.  Get them during the month of February, and it’ll be $720! (you’ll still be responsible for shipping)


*additional credits*

corset created by
fashion (and other) events

model :  Jessie Mcmahen