Olive Mini + Boob Snuggly + Leggings Combo

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Yes, I am looking for a shorter name.

This thoroughly awesome outfit includes…

(1) An Olive Mini. Black straps. Gilt rivets. Brass fittings.  *Modified with* internal removable adjustable trigger-clip garters and suspender buttons.

Standard waistband for mini, kill’t, and skirt adjusts from 27″ to 44″.  Mini can be worn independently of the rest of the outfit. (normally $275)

(2)  A pair of sturdy Deertanned Cowhide Leggings.  Black. Brass.  (normally $300)  This pair in particular has been worn on a few walkabouts at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and has some mud/wear at the heel.  I personally feel this adds something to the outfit, but if you prefer a more pristine piece, and intend on only wearing it to indoor events, I will happily make you a new set of Leggings.  Leggings *must* be worn with a heavy duty garter (as is installed in the accompanying mini), and I strongly suggest using the included…

(3)  Suspenders.  Black. Nickel.  Totally adjustable.  This type of suspender require waistband buttons (which, as you’ll note above, I’ve contrived to modify the Mini with).  (normally $75)

(4) A Pocketed “Boob Snuggly”.  Deertan Black and Olive.  Brass.  Kind of a half bodice type thing.  The pockets attached to the chest are functional and secure-able via sturdy snaps.  they also create “incidental” pockets between the secure pockets and the bodice.  The incidental pockets might allow a knitting needle to pass between the rivets, but I.D. cards etc. would be fine.  (normally $190)

*all riveted construction!  no sewing!*

Main picture by Mark Moore of Pict Studios Photography. ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pict-Studios/154131938003577?ref=ts&fref=ts )

Fashion show picture by Art Three-Photography ( https://www.facebook.com/art.oliviaservent?fref=ts ).  Fashion show model is Beckie Bacani. ( https://www.facebook.com/savagehart37 )

The corset in the fashion show picture was supplied by Ties That Bynde Designs.  She is a corseteer whom I cannot speak highly enough of.  We have worked together often, and our work fits well together.  The corset is not, however, included in the outfit (but I am positive I could get a price for it for you, and if shipping is needed, they could ship together).

$275 + $300 + $75 + $190 = $830.
I love this outfit though, and want to keep it together, so…

If you love the outfit too, but want it in a different colour, or have sizing questions, feel free to write me.  similar pieces will be similarly priced.